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Welcome to the Termites Guide - a guide to how to get rid of termites. This website covers all of the basics - from how you can tell if your home is infested with termites, to improvements to make to keep them from getting in, to specific explanation of how each termite control product works and what the advantages and disadvantages of each one are.
The pages below will help you in trying to figure out a number of key things:

1) Do you really have termites, or some other flying insect like ants?

2) What kind of termites do you have? The treatment options will differ.

3) How did you get them, and how can you stop them in the future?

Basic Info About Termites

How to Inspect for Termites

Termite Pictures

Ways to Protect Your House

Liquid Treatments

Bait Treatments

Borate Treatments

Do you have them?

Find An Exterminator - If you think you do have termites, it's extremely hard to get rid of them on your own. On this page, you can fill out a quick form and get price quotes from exterminators in your area for inspections, preventative treatments, or elimination of existing colonies in your home. You can also get quotes on inspections for real estate sales (i.e., if you're thinking of buying a place and want it checked out first).

Pictures of Termites - Some more photos to help you identify them.

How to do a Termite Inspection - This page covers how to do a termite inspection yourself, the signs of termites, links to pictures of what to look for and pictures of termites, as well as the basics about getting a professional inspection done.

Basic Information About Termites:

Termite Colonies - Information on the social structure of termites, and how a colony is formed and functions.

Damage from Termites - Info on what kind of damage you can expect if your home has termites.

Keep in mind - there are other bugs that also eat wood and can mimic the signs of a termite infestation. You need to consider the possibility that you've got one of those instead - especially if you're seeing stuff that looks like sawdust. Here's some info on the common ones:

Powder-Post Beetles

Old House Borers

Carpenter Ants

Kinds of Termites:

Flying Termites - This is what people see most commonly and what often prompts a call to the exterminator. It is a caste used solely for reproducing and founding new nests, and is not a different species.

Drywood Termites - This is a specific species of termite that lives in wood, and does not burrow into the soil. They have to be treated differently from the regular kind, because baits and other methods will not work on them.

Subterranean Termites - This is the most common kind, and it lives all throughout the United States.

Formosan Termites - An imported type, this one comes from Asia and lives mainly in the South in the U.S. - it is very damaging to property and can destroy your home much more quickly than other varieties.

General Advice:

Termite Protection - A list of different ways you can try to prevent termites from infesting your home in the first place. Some of these are natural and non-chemical, so it's a good place to start if you want to minimize pesticide use.

General Ways to Kill Termites:

1) Liquid Termite Treatment - Liquid termiticides are sprayed around your house to kill or repel any termites coming into contact with them.

2) Termite Baits - The other major way to kill termites, baits are placed around your home and gradually kill off a colony by spreading small amounts of pesticides through the workers.

3) Borate Termite Treatment - Borate treatments are applied directly to wood in your house, sort of like a coat of paint. This is best done when the house is being constructed, however.

4) Fumigation - A method that only works on a specific species, the drywood termite, that is common in the Southernmost parts of the United States.

5) Electrocution - This is an option for treating localized drywood termite problems.

6) Heating

7) Cooling - Using liquid nitrogen, some companies will treat localized drywood termite infestations this way.

8) Microwaves

Specific Products:

Advance (bait)

Bayer Advanced Termite Killer (DIY granules)

Exterra (bait)

FirstLine (bait)

Optigard (foam)

Orange Oil (liquid)

Premise (liquid)

Phantom (liquid)

Sentricon Termite Control (bait)

Subterfuge (bait)

Termidor (liquid)

Terminate (bait)

Tim-Bor (borate)

Bora Care (borate)

Nibor-D (borate)

Jecta Gel (borate)

Vikane (fumigation)

Spectrum (DIY bait)


Permethrin Pro (liquid)

General Questions:

How long does it take to establish a termite colony?

Do termites die from sunlight?

What should I do about termites in a tree?

How long do termite treatments last?

What happens to my house?

How often should I get my house inspected?

Does a history of termites hurt the value of a house?

What do I do if I see a termite swarm near my house?

Can I clean the mud tubes off my house once it's been treated?

What is a termite bond?

What is a termite letter?

Do I have to worry about termites if my foundation is made of concrete?

How much does it cost to get a house treated for termites?

How did I get them?

Can you get termites from used furniture?

I have termites in a shed in my yard - can they get over to my house?

Can you bring termites with you when moving from an old home to a new one?

Will using mulch near my house attract termites?

Can I get infested by bringing swarming termites home with me?

Can termites travel in cargo containers or boxes?

Will termites be attracted to my house by humidity?

Will I spread termites to other places if I have them in my home?

What can they eat?

Can termites eat through concrete slabs?

Do termites eat drywall / sheetrock?

Do termites eat books?

Are they dangerous?

Can termites bite people?

Can termites spread diseases?

Pest Control Information By State:

Each page below will help people who live in a specific state, both with information they may need to know about the local laws and with a listing of exterminators in their area.



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